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Titel: Animal People - The Humane Movement in America - A History of the Animal Protection Movement and the People Who Made It Happen (DVD)
Autor: Kaskel Gary
Enthalten in:
Kategorie: Tierschutz
- Allgemeines / Tierschutzgeschichte
Herausgabeort: USA
Jahr: 2007
Laufzeit: 84 Min.
Signatur: DVD - Tierschutz: Allgemeines / Tierschutzgeschichte
Inhalt: Filmmaker Gary Kaskel addresses the animal protection movement in America. While the modern animal protection movement has its roots in the Victorian era, concern for the welfare of animals goes back centuries. Animal People is a series of portraits examining many of the major and some of the minor players populating this movement past and present as well as the broad spectrum of philosophies within it, bringing the strong bond and dual relationships between humans and animals into focus.
Schlagworte: Animal Welfare Animal Protection Movement Abolitionism Animal Rights Movement America USA
Tierschutz Tierschutzbewegung Abolitionismus Tierrechtsbewegung Tierrechte Amerika USA
Sprache: Deutsch / German
Medium: Video / DVD / CD-ROM
Status: Verfügbar