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Titel: For the Love of Animals - The Rise of the Animal Protection Movement
Autor: Shevelow Kathryn
Enthalten in:
Kategorie: Ethik
- Tierrechtsbewegung / Aktivismus
ISBN: 978-0-8050-9024-6
Herausgabeort: New York
Jahr: 2008
Seiten: 353
Signatur: She - Ethik: Tierrechtsbewegung / Aktivismus
Inhalt: In eighteenth-century England - where cockfighting and bull baiting drew large crowds, and the abuse of animals was routine - the idea of animal protection was dismissed as laughably radical. But as pets became more common, human attitudes toward animals evolved steadily. An unconventional duchess defended their intellect in her writings. A gentleman scientist believed that animals should be treated with compassion. And with the concentrated efforts of an eccentric Scots barrister and a flamboyant Irishman, the lives of beasts - and, correspondingly, men and women - began to change.

Kathryn Shevelow, a respected eighteenth-century scholar, gives us the dramatic story of the bold reformers who braved attacks because they sympathized with the plight of creatures everywhere. More than just a history, this is an eye-opening exploration into how our feelings toward animals reveal our ideas about ourselves, God, mercy, and nature. Accessible and lively, "For the Love of Animals" is a captivating cultural narrative that takes us into the lives of animals - and into the minds of humans - during some of history's most fascinating times.
Schlagworte: Ethics Animal Rights Movement Activism Animal Welfare Animal Protection Movement History Great Britain 18th Century Alexander Pope William Wilberforce English

Ethik Tierrechtsbewegung Aktivismus Tierrechte Tierschutzgeschichte Tierschutzbewegung England 18. Jahrhundert Alexander Pope William Wilberforce Englisch
Sprache: Englisch / English
Medium: Buch
Verlag: Henry Holt and Company, LLC (Holt Paperbacks)
Status: Verfügbar