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Titel: A Primer on Animal Rights - Leading Experts Write About Animal Cruelty and Exploitation
Autor: Stallwood Kim W., Rifkin Jeremy (Vorwort)
Enthalten in:
Kategorie: Ethik
- Tierrechtsbewegung / Aktivismus
ISBN: 978-1-59056-003-7
Herausgabeort: New York
Jahr: 2002
Auflage: 1
Seiten: 284
Signatur: Sta - Ethik: Tierrechtsbewegung / Aktivismus
Inhalt: This book is a collection of articles that document how animals are cruelly mistreated and commercially exploited for profit. In doing so, the articles, which are grouped in six primary areas, lay out the fundamental issues of animal rights. All the articles were previously published in The Animals' Agenda, the leading magazine of the Animal Rights movement. The book contains work by some of the leading authorities on animal protection issues, including: Jim Mason, Marc Bekoff, Mike Markarian, Betsy Swart, Norm Phelps, Wayne Pacelle, Pat Derby, Gene Bauston, Karen Davis, Richard Schwartz, Don Barnes, and many others. All articles are up-to-date and full of important facts.
Schlagworte: Ethics Animal Rights Movement Animal Cruelty Animal Exploitation Pets Hunting Wildlife Killing Slaughter Zoo Circus Agriculture Anthology Reader English

Ethik Tierrechtsbewegung Tierrechte Heimtiere Haustiere Jagd Wildtiere Tötung Schlachtung Zoo Zirkus Landwirtschaft Nutztiere Sammelband Englisch
Sprache: Englisch / English
Medium: Buch
Verlag: Lantern Books
Status: Verfügbar