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Wild animals suffer from constantly being touched by tourists

Behavior abroad



Visitors are not allowed to touch the wild animals and there is no other direct interaction with them either. The animals are not exhibited and may at any time retreat to a place not accessible to visitors. Tours are conducted in a careful manner that minimizes the impact on the animals and their environment.


There is no captive breeding, with an exception for institutions that operate a certified reintroduction program to release wildlife to their native habitat. If there are indications, for example through online reviews of visitors, that a sanctuary repeatedly houses young animals, this can be a warning sign and the sanctuary should be researched carefully preceding a visit or avoided completely.


The sanctuary makes great efforts to create a habitat as natural as possible for the animals and the staff is knowledgeable about the housed animals' needs. In addition, it strives to educate visitors on the fate of the animals in the sanctuary in order to raise awareness on animal welfare issues prevalent in the wildlife trade.

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