Stiftung für das Tier im Recht

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CH-8006 Zürich

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Foundation Board

Members of the Foundation Board

Portrait Jörg Röthlisberger

Jörg Röthlisberger

President (on the foundation board since 2006)

PR consultant and economist, CEO GLT Communications AG.

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Christoph Degen sw quer

Dr. iur. Christoph Degen

(on the foundation board since 1996)

Attorney-at-law in Basel (Dufour Advokatur Notariat), managing director of proFonds, umbrella association of the non-profit foundations in Switzerland.

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Dominik Infanger sw quer

Dr. iur. Dominik Infanger

(on the foundation board since 2012)

Attorney-at-law and notary in Chur (Gadient Zinsli Brüesch Infanger).

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Daniel Jositsch sw quer

Prof. Dr. iur. Daniel Jositsch

(on the foundation board since 2012)

Member of the Council of States, professor for criminal law and law of criminal procedure at the University of Zurich. Attorney-at-law and president of the Swiss Commercial Association of Switzerland.

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Dr. iur. Thomas Armbruster

(on the foundation board since 2018)

Attorney-at-law and Commander of the Zug Police Department

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Iris Zindel

Iris Zindel

(on the foundation board since 2021)

Attorney-at-law, notary and administrative judge

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