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Literature Detail

Title: Unlocking the Cage - Science and the Case for Animal Rights
Author: Wise Steven M.
contained in:
Category: Ethik
- Tierrechtsbewegung / Aktivismus
ISBN: 978-1-903-985-34-2
Place of publication: Oxford
Year: 2002
Pages: 321
Signature: Wis - Ethik: Tierrechtsbewegung / Aktivismus
Content: An exploration of animal cognition along the evolutionary spectrum - from children to other intelligent primates to dolphins, parrots, elephants, dogs and even honeybees. Steven Wise finds answers to the big question in animal rights today: Where do we draw the line? He presents a firsthand account of the investigations of animal experts: Cynthia Moss and the affectionate families of Amboseli; Irene Pepperberg and her grey parrot, Alex; and Penny Paterson with the gorilla Koko. In many cases, Wise was even able to sustain an extended conversation with these extraordinary creatures.
Key words: Ethics Animal Rights Movement Activism Speciesism Animal Cognition Intelligence Self-Awareness Abilities Personhood Alex Parrots Dogs Honeybees Primates Great Apes Dolphins Ethology Canine Communication Dolphin Languages Elephants Echo Kenya Amboseli Orangutan Chantek Gorilla Koko English

Ethik Tierrechtsbewegung Aktivismus Tierrechte Speziesismus Kognition Wahrnehmung Intelligenz Selbstbewusstsein Fähigkeiten Personenwürde Personalität Alex Graupapagei Hunde Honigbienen Primaten Menschenaffen Delfine Delphine Delfinsprache Ethologie Hundesprache Hundekommunikation Afrikanische Elefanten Afrikanischer Elefant Echo Kenia Amboseli Nationalpark Orang-Utans Chantek Gorilla Koko Englisch
Language: Englisch / English
Medium: Buch
Publisher: Perseus Books Group
Status: Verfügbar